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Who is Parent Coaching for?

If any of the statements below resonate with you, having a personal Parent Coach would benefit you and your relationship with your child.

If you are a parent who find themselves yelling, shouting, or screaming at your kids and you know deep down in your hearts that you really don’t want to because there is something about it that doesn’t feel right to you.

You can’t get your child to do what you want them to do. You lose your cool one too many times. Often feeling embarrassed by your child’s behavior and really don’t know how to transform it.

You a mom or dad who is beating themselves up about the number of times that you lose your temper with your child.

You feel guilt that you are not attending to your parenting responsibilities and the majority of these are taken over by your helper because of work demands and life pressures.

You maybe using consequences and punishments and you see these methods working in the moment, but your child keeps misbehaving and often repeating the very same behavior that they get told to stop, and as the parent you sense a disconnection from this. Perhaps you may feel that you are often not really on the same page as your child.

As a parents who want to have your children come to you and talk about absolutely anything that is bothering them or worrying them and they are open to sharing their deepest fears without being afraid of you as their mom or dad.

If you are parent who wants to parent peacefully, to not yell, to not manipulate, punish, or bribe. You want to model the values you hold dear and to inspire your children to reach their full potential…but you aren’t living up to own ideal, but don’t know where to start then you please feel reach out to me when you feel ready, I’ve got you!

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